August 2020

We are so excited and proud to announce that our very own Dr. Venter has successfully completed his GP Dermatology Diploma from Cardiff University in Wales. 

It has been a long two years and lots of hard work but it has paid off.  If you are needing to see a Dermatologist for any of your skincare needs that are not cosmetic, we can help you.  

Simply get your Doctor to send a referral and our friendly staff will get you scheduled in. We look forward to seeing you, and to help with all your skincare needs because SKIN MATTERS!

Congratulations Dr.V!


Introducing our NEWEST facial!

This is a treatment like no other, and it has Dr. V’s signature all over it.

Dr. V’s Aqua Facial is a customizable facial that helps clients with dry and dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles, pore size to create a “glass like” effect.  This is the perfect treatment for all clients with long lasting effect. It can also give incredible results for special events like weddings, reunions, birthdays, etc.  Each facial is customizable and performed by Dr.V himself.  Say goodbye to crepe-y under eye skin!

 Dr.V will customize a cocktail of ingredients like botox, hyoluronic acid, peptides and amino acids.  The mixture is then gently stamped into the skin that delivers the ingredients into the skin. With this treatment, we can treat delicate areas such as the eyelids and under eyes for amazing results.  


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Functional non-surgical rejuvenation
Functional non-surgical rejuvenation

Up until recently if women wanted to undergo vaginal rejuvenation, they had to resort to surgical methods. Thanks to advanced technology, more and more women are seeking out non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation to restore vaginal tautness, and reclaim their confidence.  Vaginal rejuvenation tightens and tones vaginal tissue that has become lax as a result of a decrease in collagen fibres. 

Viveve is a functional non-surgical treatment that uses radio-frequency technology, with cooling to ensure patient comfort. It is a quick in-office procedure with no downtime. 

Save 15% on Viveve treatment for Vaginal rejuvenation.
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