GlitterEnvi – Environmentally Friendly Glitter

Our environmentally friendly biodegradable glitter line consists of 7 amazing shades. 5 of our shades are a corn starch base (Blue Lagoon, Diamonds, Disco Days, Jade and Pink Perfect) and the other 2 are a wood pulp base (UFO and Unicorn). All of them will break down as the microorganisms in the earth eat away at them. Once the composting process starts, it takes roughly 9 months for them to be fully degraded. The degradation process has been tested and is in compliance with ASTM standards. As micro-plastics are being banned in countries all across the world, we wanted to bring a solution to the market. We are so proud to say that we are the FIRST brand in Canada to do so. We firmly believe that our eco-water systems shouldn’t be put at stake for our love of glitter.