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Environ strives to be one of the most effective, safest skin care ranges in the world. Environ skin care products are manufactured from only the highest quality raw material. Unless stated otherwise, no preservatives are added during the manufacture of Environ products. Environ has to declare every ingredient used by the manufacturers of each individual raw material, therefore preservatives indicated in the declaration of ingredients are due to some of the raw materials that contain preservatives.It is important to note that Environ is one of the very few products in the world that does not have any preservatives added to the formula during manufacture.

Environ products are tested on human volunteers only. The finished product is never tested on animals. Products are first tested on Dr. Fernandes and other directors of the company, then on an expert panel, and finally clinical trials are conducted prior to market release.

Beautiful, radiant and illuminating skin is what we all would love to achieve.Environ is the facial regimen that has the ability to do just that. Environ Vitamin Infusion Treatments are a step by step process which enables the skin to look and feel it’s best. For healthy skin you need the right building blocks (Vitamin A,C, E, antioxidants and bio- peptides), penetration and stimulation to create a repair response. With these repeated steps, we can help you achieve your goals.

Vitamin A is a normalizer promoting healthy cell production which helps prevent and reverse the signs of aging.

Vitamin C helps to improve pigmentation, sun damage and dilated capillaries. Is also provides prolonged antioxidant protection and thickens cell walls, reducing redness.

Vitamin E produces antioxidant activity, increases the SPF, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.

Antioxidants counteracts the effects of free radicals which are formed everyday and minimizes their negative effects.

Bio-Peptides assist in the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan (GAGS).

Building skin health is the foundation to delivering transformational medical aesthetic results. The DF II Ionzyme Machine from Environ has been clinically shown to deliver up to 40 X better penetration of topically applied serums while leaving the skin biology intact. Unlike other facial technologies, there is no damage or removal of skin layers and there is no limitations to frequency of treatments. When
combined with the Environ Cosmetic Roller (CIT) results can be further accelerated up to 400X improved topical penetration.

Rejuvenate, re-energize and regenerate your skin with the Environ Cool Peel System. These peels allow the damaged skin cells to be removed, while allowing the healthy cells to remain intact. No down time, redness, irritation or tell-tail signs that you have received a treatment, except for the glow of your healthy skin.

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